Success Stories


At CrossFit Willowbend, we are so committed to your successes, we’ve made a special page to share them with our CrossFit family. As guides on your fitness journey, we really appreciate knowing about the difference we’ve made in your life. Tell us your success story, and we’ll share it here.

  • Lauren Caspary

    I joined CrossFit Willowbend almost 6 months ago on a whim. After months of toying with the idea of CrossFit and finally being talked into trying something different, I’m hooked. Not only have I made new friends, I’ve created bonds with new lifting partners. I’ve changed this cardio body isn’t a weight lifting machine. My strength in numbers has increased tremendously, and my endurance to be a long distance runner has increased as well. There’s no greater feeling than slamming a barbell on the floor one day, and hitting a race PR the next day…AND a family friendly environment that supports fitness and watches your children at the same time is a double whammy! Love my CFWB fam!

  • David Ullrich

    I am a member here since April 2015 and as a 5′ 8″ dad in my mid 30’s who has spent the last 12 years talking about how fit and athletic I USED to be while sitting at a desk stuffing my face in an apparent attempt to put on weight, this has been GREAT for me. Since I started I have lost 30+ lbs., I eat healthy, have motivation, energy, got rid of my constant heartburn, no longer snore or not much, dropped my blood pressure and cholesterol levels dramatically, am less stressed and my wife says she sees muscles again which have been hiding since I was 23 at least. My belly is almost back to where it was when I was 21 and I can run around with my kids and keep up with MUCH younger friends and family on hikes, bikes, etc. You need to understand, A LOT of people have a view of CrossFit that is NOT what I see at all. Most people think CrossFit is a lifestyle and you gotta drink the Kool-Aid® and eat all Paleo and become a meat-head crazy workout guy. I have seen that at some CrossFit locations and most ALL gyms, but not here.

  • Joel Hill

    Over the last 20 years, I have done just about every sort of fitness program. As a former college athlete, I have tried to stay “in shape” for most of my life. I first got exposed to CrossFit Willowbend when my wife started going several years ago. After seeing her complete transformation, I decided to get engaged and give this CrossFit thing a try. At first, it was extremely humbling (aka, I wasn’t very good). CrossFit includes so many diverse movements that there were so many things I had never done before. About a year later, I can’t believe how much improvement I have seen. I’m working out with guys 10+ years younger than me. I’m pushing 40 years old and am stronger now than when I was playing college lacrosse at 21. My 3 kids participate in the kids’ programs and are much stronger than I was at their age. I know that CrossFit Willowbend will be part of my family’s weekly routine for years and years to come.


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